This quintessence of dust

What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, how

infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and

admirable . . . . and yet,to me, what is this quintessence of dust?

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Игрушки форма, которые плохо себя ведут

Variations on Hand-Gagging:

A fine Czech blog, which google, for its own googlish reasons, will not identify.  For many fine posts of bullying, see Šikana - galerie zdarma # 051 ( on this blog.

Probably Justin Bieber Abducted on DeviantArt, but no link found.

Bondage For The Big Man: October 2013  Also no capturedguys, no link found.

No link found, but Homens Amordaçados!!!! - Discussão - Community - Google+ is close and is interesting.

Paperboy - The Paperboy, (2012) - Galerija - Moj Film  Thd movie, The Paperboy, is highly recommended.


Лучники и Ангелы

Angeli et sagittariis


Carcel - Nailman Busy on mitchmen - the blog: May 2010
Severamente-amarrado homens jovens

Ρα­φα­ὲλ Λι­νέ­ρο (R­a­f­a­el L­i­n­e­ro)


S-[Sigma]-SomataΤΗΝ ΑΡΧΗ πρό­τει­νε νὰ δέ­σω τοὺς καρ­πούς του μὲ τὸ καλ­σόν μου. Με­τὰ ζή­τη­σε χον­τρὰ σχοι­νιὰ γιὰ νὰ σφί­ξω γε­ρὰ τὰ χέ­ρια καὶ τὰ πό­δια του. Τέ­λος ἀ­παί­τη­σε ἁ­λυ­σί­δες γιὰ νὰ ἀ­κι­νη­το­ποι­ή­σω κά­θε μέ­ρος τοῦ σώ­μα­τός του. Μό­νο τό­τε ἐ­πέ­τρε­πε νὰ τὸν ἀγ­γί­ζω γιὰ νὰ μπο­ρέ­σου­με νὰ κά­νου­με ἔ­ρω­τα.
       Πάν­τα ἤ­μουν δι­α­τε­θει­μέ­νη νὰ τὸν δέ­σω, ἐ­κεῖ­νος τὸ ξέ­ρει. Δὲν ὑ­πάρ­χει κόμ­πος τό­σο μπερ­δε­μέ­νος, ποὺ νὰ μὴν μπο­ρῶ νὰ κά­νω, οὔ­τε λου­κέ­το τό­σο πε­ρί­πλο­κο, ποὺ νὰ μὴν μπο­ρῶ νὰ κλει­δώ­σω.
       Δὲν κα­τα­λα­βαί­νω για­τί τώ­ρα, ποὺ τὰ δε­σμά μου ἔ­χουν φτά­σει σὲ τέ­τοι­ο ἐ­πί­πε­δο τε­λει­ό­τη­τας, ἐ­κεῖ­νος δὲν ἐ­πι­τρέ­πει νὰ τὸν ἀγ­γί­ζω. Δὲν ὑ­πάρ­χει σχοι­νί, οὔ­τε ἁ­λυ­σί­δα, δὲν ὑ­πάρ­χει κόμ­πος, οὔ­τε λου­κέ­το ποὺ νὰ μπο­ρεῖ νὰ συγ­κρι­θεῖ μὲ τὰ δε­σί­μα­τα ποὺ ἔ­χω δη­μι­ουρ­γή­σει γιὰ ἐ­κεῖ­νον.
       Ὁ γά­μος μας, ἡ κο­ρού­λα μας καὶ ἡ πα­ρά­ξε­νη ἀ­σθέ­νειά της, τὸ στε­γα­στι­κὸ ποὺ μᾶς πνί­γει, ἡ ζή­λια μου καὶ ἡ κα­τά­θλι­ψή μου. Ἔ­χω δη­μι­ουρ­γή­σει ὅ­λα αὐ­τὰ τὰ δε­σμὰ γιὰ ἐ­κεῖ­νον καὶ ὅ­μως τώ­ρα δὲν θέ­λει οὔ­τε κὰν νὰ σκέ­φτε­ται τὸ σέξ.
A sentiment that will be familiar to some of you.

No link found

Louise Bourgeois på rymmen | stockholm87  Puzzling and recommended.

San Sebastian (detail), Andrea Mantegna, 1480, Musée du Louvre, Paris.

童地獄・父子地獄 | ポット出版  The Art of  GENGOROH TAGAME.  Highly recommended.

Power Exchange - A.J. Rose - review - Reading is like breathing... . . . and so a little story is included.  Recommendeed

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